Monday, April 1, 2024

Time to Enforce Gag Orders

The judge said that Trump has a record of making “threatening, inflammatory, denigrating” statements.

Those statements inspire his MAGA followers to make threatening, inflammatory, denigrating statements and images and videos and to take illegal action.

Judge Merchan (in the NY “hush money” criminal case) imposed a gag order to protect potential witnesses, attorneys, court staff or family members of prosecutors or lawyers and actual or potential jurors.

In the event of Trump’s ignoring the court (gag) orders, I suggest, on the first violation, that the judge institute progressive punishment as one might do with a toddler.

It’s time for Trump to spend an hour in JAIL for his acting contumaciously in violation of court orders and then two hours in JAIL and continuing as necessary until it is 24 hours or multiple days.


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