Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Let Them Know

In these days of Covid-19, just in case you become sick, make two lists:  (1) Health Contacts & (2) Medications.  Put them in an easy to notice place in your home.

HEALTH CONTACTS:  Write out the name and telephone number of your primary care physician or clinic and your insurance card numbers and a brief summary of any current health conditions.

MED LIST:   If you are taking medications, write out detailed instructions, copy from the prescription label.

List the medications (include prescriptions and over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, etc.) and where they are located. 

List the times per day when the medication is taken, whether it is before, after or with food or with a full glass of water or otherwise.

List how much of the medication is taken—whether any pill chopping or grinding is needed.

Do the same also if you are the caregiver for another and/or for any pets who are on medication.

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